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by Carol Douthitt on April 30, 2015

Money Bulls-EyeSince caveman times, we humans are born to crave acceptance.

Acceptance, belonging and approval have been key to our very survival for eons and ages.

Back in the stone age, getting kicked out of the group meant isolation, starvation and death.

And though we no longer forage for food at the edge of survival, deep within our prehistoric hearts, we all still
shudder at the thought of being rejected.

Well, almost all of us.

Born sales people seem to have overcome this deep, all-too-human fear. (And we either exalt them or
loathe them for it, depending on our experience with sales people).

But the rest of us retain that primal fear of rejection.

In fact, I think it might be the one primal fear that holds more would-be entrepreneurs back than any other.

“I’m just not a sales person.”

“I couldn’t sell a cheese burger to a starving man.”

“I don’t like it when people say no.”

So, one response is to say, “It doesn’t matter that I’m not a born sales person, I’ll just hide behind my
computer screen and make tons of cash through internet marketing!

Internet marketing doesn’t require any face-to-face selling!

No smiling and dialing phone sales either!

And that used to be a pretty good plan – 15 years ago.

But not anymore.

And here’s why…

Fifteen years ago you used to be able to drive inexpensive traffic to an inexpensive website and
sell inexpensive items at a fair price and reap some decent profits.

And while it was never as EASY as it looked… it was do-able.

There wasn’t much competition in a lot of markets.

And what competition there was, often wasn’t very sophisticated. So, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed
man was king.

But, oh, how things have changed.

Now every niche has been exploited. Big companies are spending big, stupid money on traffic and driving up the
cost for everyone else.

Margins have been slashed to razor-thin in most niches.

These days, if you’re trying to sell inexpensive products on the web, you’re probably doomed to an “Amazon dystopia.”

Good luck with that.

The answer is to sell high-priced, high-margin products.

But guess what it takes to sell high-priced, high-margin products?

That’s right…it takes born sales people.

So we’re back where we started.

What’s the answer?

Find a system where the high-priced, high-margin products are sold by highly-skilled sales people
who work FOR YOU.

And you just concentrate on driving the traffic.

What’s that? You don’t know how to drive traffic?


Top Tier Secrets

We’ve got a proven system for generating leads for high-priced products…

AND we provide you with highly-skilled sales people to close the sales for you.

You never have to get on the phone if you don’t want to.

You never have to push or cajole or prod or pressure… or sell to anyone.

It’s the rejection-free method for achieving your internet marketing dreams.

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It’s YOUR Answer for creating Big Paydays!

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Talk soon!

Carol Douthitt

Helping Ordinary People Create Big Paydays!

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