Lead Capture Pages

The very first strategy of successful online marketing is using what’s called a Lead Capture Page.  It is also sometimes called a Squeeze Page or Splash page… but they all function the same way.

The sole purpose of a Lead Capture Page is to collect the name and email address of someone who may be interested in your product or service.  In other words, the main purpose of your Lead Capture Page should be to “Generate A Lead”.

When a new prospect fills out the optin form on your website with their name and email address, they will automatically be directed to another page to receive the information they requested.

By having an Autoresponder system tied to this optin form, your prospects will receive additional information about your product or service through a series of automated follow-up messages.

A good Lead Capture Page is usually a one page site with some intriguing copy that encourages the visitor to fill out the form with their name and email address and request more information.

You can generate more optin leads by giving away something free in exchange for their contact information like a free report or free download.

An effective Lead Capture Page will have an emotion grabbing headline, some short body copy or bullet points, and a Call to Action.  This page should have all the components of what is known as the AIDA formula:

A – Attention   I – Interest   D – Desire   A – Action

The Call to Action is the text that is used to get the prospect to request more information.  Once again, the main purpose of the Lead Capture Page is to “Generate A Lead”.

If you simple learn this one concept, then you are way ahead of most people who are trying to make money online.

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