Ezine Marketing

Ezine Marketing is a simple and effective method to drive traffic to your website quickly and easily.  An ezine is simply a magazine or newsletter online.

Many ezine owners have already taken the time and money to generate thousands of subscribers for their newsletters and/or online magazine.

You can take advantage of their lists by paying these list owners to send your emails to “their subscriber list”.  This is a great way to get your message in front of thousands of eager prospects very quickly.

You can actually pay them to send your emails to “their subscriber list” by ordering an email ad from them.

When their list of subscribers respond to your email ad and fill out the form on your Lead Capture Page…. Now they become a part of YOUR LIST.

So you see how simple this is… you are using other peoples lists to create your own list.

Just like Robert Kiasaki teaches how to use “other peoples money”… well this is a way to use other peoples “lists” to generate leads and add to your list.

I’ve had some great results using Solo Ads – A Solo Ad is your stand alone email ad that is sent to the list owners data base… as opposed to a Sponsor Ad – which is usually a simple 4 line ad included in the body of their newsletter.  If you use a Sponsor Ad… only buy the top position.

The list owner will send your email out to their own data base of 2,000 to 250,000 interested prospects.  The cost to do this depends on the size and how receptive their list is.

To find some Ezines to advertise in, try doing a Google search using one of your keywords like “Home Business Ezine Advertising”.  Then search the website to find a link to get their advertising rates and schedule.

If you are using multiple ezine lists to advertise in at the same time, it is extremely important to use tracking in your advertising links so you can tell which advertising is getting the best response for your advertising dollars.

If you are using the WebMarketingMagic autoresponder system, you can easily create a tracking link to use in you ads.

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