I really procrastinated a long time from learning how to use an autoresponder system.  However, once I figured out how to effectively use an autoresponder system with my Lead Capture Page and started to make a serious effort to develop my list, my home business jumped from $3,000 a month to over $30,000 a month almost overnight.

An Autoresponder system is a computer program that will automatically send anywhere from one to hundreds of pre-written email messages that have been preset to follow-up in a sequence that you determine.  You can specify the interval between each message and add as many messages as you wish.

An autoresponder system used for marketing should not be confused with an automated message used with your regular email like a message telling the person who just sent you an email that you are on vacation.

The autoresponder system I’m referring to here is one that is separate from your regular email address.

An autoresponder will not only automatically follow-up with your prospects, but it is a great tool for branding yourself.  It also enables you to send out email broadcasts to every one who has opted into your list and has requested more information from you.

Some autoresponder systems have tracking features that allow you to create tracking links so you can track where your leads are coming from.  This can be very helpful in determining which of your ads are producing the most results.

Your autoresponder system will be the “hub” or center of your business.  It will hold all the email addresses of everyone who has ever requested information from you and give you the ability to email one or all the members on your list at the push of a button.

Your autoresponder also holds “Your List”.  And as every successful online marketer knows the fortune is in “Your List”.  The size and quality of your list is often the size of your paycheck.

By generating leads and communicating with the members on your list, you start establishing a relationship of trust with your list.  If done correctly, you will be able to continue to generate income from your list whenever you have additional products or services to share with them.

Just think of how exciting it is to get hundreds of prospects requesting information from you on your Lead Capture Page.  On the other hand, if you had to manually respond to each one of those requests… well you would be tied to your computer forever.

Here are some of the most popular autoresponder systems available:

I use a version of 1ShoppingCart called WebMarketingMagic because after using many different autoresponder systems over the past 10 years, I have found this one to be the easiest one to use.

If you are interested in trying this autoresponder system, they have agreed to give my readers a great deal.  In order to get this discount, simply order the AR package from my link.  You will pay only for the first month and they will give you the second month for FREE.

You can also add a Shopping Cart to the system if you want to start selling your own products later.  But if you are just starting out, you may not need the Shopping Cart feature right away … so you will want to use their AR Package only.

Your Lead Capture Page along with an Autoresponder system are the two most important tools you need to effectively market any product or service online.

There are many posts on this blog that show you how to drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page.  Your Lead Capture Page will be out there on the Internet with millions of other sites… but no one will visit your site unless you tell them about it!

Once you learn how to get targeted prospects to visit your site, a whole new world will open up for you and you can literally pick and choose which products or services you want to market.

That’s when your business really starts to get exciting!

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