Set Your Intention and Take Action…

by Carol Douthitt on April 15, 2013

Have you ever declared something or set an intention…and it actually happened or came true?

A few years ago I gave my old Mini Van to my son because he just had his car repossessed, and he needed a way to get to work.

That left us with only 1 vehicle – my husband's 1996 Chevy Truck.

He had taken really good care of the truck and it was in great condition so I wasn't
embarrassed to drive it or anything like that…

But it left a lot to be desired when I wanted to go for a trip or take the grandkids anywhere…

… because only 3 people could fit in it.

So I decided to buy a new car.

Make Money OnlineAfter spending hours online researching SUVs and Crossovers… I decided on this Crimsom Red Buick Enclave. 

Every time I saw a picture of it I knew I Had to Have It!

The only problem was…I didn't have $45,000 to buy it.  In fact, I didn’t have any money saved at all to buy a car.

And since my credit sucked, I doubted if I could get a loan for it.  Besides that… I didn't want to go back into debt. 

I had just climbed out of bankruptcy and was loving my new ability to be able to pay
cash for everything.

I just NEEDED to find a way to make $45,000.

So I printed out a picture of my new car and taped  it to a shelf right above my computer.

At this point I had decided that I wanted to buy a new car, and I set an intention for the exact car that I wanted… but I still didn't have a plan to get it.

As the months passed and turned into years… I started to Really Hate driving the old truck …

… plus whenever we wanted to take a trip or take the Grandkids with us, we had to rent a car.

I really needed a car – but I didn't want to settle for just any car… I wanted that Crimson Red Buick Enclave!

On Oct 1, I set an intention to buy my new Enclave within 30 days…  and started taking action on reaching my goal. 

By Oct. 31 – I had made progress but was still only about half way to my goal.

So I just extended my date… and kept working on getting the money.

On November 17th we decided to visit a few local car dealerships and see what they had in stock.

The very first dealership we stopped at had a bright shiny new Crimson Red Buick Enclave

… sitting right in front of the store.

I remember laughing and telling my husband they must have known I was coming… but they couldn't have because I never called any of the dealerships before we started our car shopping trip.

At this point I’ve been drooling over this car for about 2 years now.

So I take the Enclave out for a test drive… and of course, I fall in love with it.

As it turns out… this particular car was a dealer test car and already had a few thousand miles on it… so the purchase price was discounted….

… down to exactly what I could afford.

We signed the papers and I took my new car home.

All within 48 days of setting my intention to actually purchase a new car.

You see… wanting and wishing for something is whole lot different than setting an intention and taking action…

Because when you set an intention and start taking action, the Universe moves with you to make it happen.

In my case, it went something like this:

Intention + Attention = New Car

Had I known about the power of intention earlier, it wouldn't have taken me 2 years to get a new car…

Because once I set my intention to purchase the car, it showed up in less than 60 days.

The same thing happened to my friend Niamh. 

She set her intention to make money with her new home business even though none of the other businesses she started ever worked out.

Watch this short video as Niamh tells you in her own words all the amazing things that started happening to her… including making over $17,000 in one month…

…all because she set her intention!

Niamh and I both used the same business to get the money we wanted to
improve our lives.

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To Your Continued Joy & Abundance!

~ Carol Douthitt


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NicKalas Talley April 15, 2013 at 12:52 pm

i loved your video and it was most definately insperational


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