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by Carol Douthitt on October 30, 2012



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I’m going to layout a Simple Blueprint for you to be able to Retire Wealthy in 12 months… or less.

There are only 2 ways for you to make more money….

1. Reduce the your expenses – which is
money flowing out of your pocket

2. Increase your income – money coming
into your pocket

While there are lots of ways to reduce your debt
and your expenses…

I’m going to peel back the curtains for a few
minutes and show you what I’ve been doing
for the past year to easily increase my income…

and put over $100,000 in my pocket.

I’ve been sending you some emails about
Empower Network – You know… it’s that little
$25 program I’ve been telling you about.

I joined EN on Oct. 31st of last year… so I’ve
been working this powerful program for 1 year now.

And here are the results that I’ve got with
EN so far.

Generated 3421 Leads

Made 232 Sales

Received $121,639.65

Here is my Merchant Account Screen Shot
of $108,139.65 for sales ending 10-29-12

In addition to the sales in my Merchant Account,
I also received another $13,500 from the
Masters Course product which was just
released a few weeks ago.

$108,139.65 plus… $13,500 = $121,639.65

My total income from Empower Network in
the past 12 months is $121,639.

That’s $10,136 a Month – Working only about
2 hours a day!

This is not ordinary income where you just
get paid only once … but residual income
where you do the work one time and it keeps
paying you month after month.

How would your life change if you were
making an extra $10k a month?

This is Simple and … You Can Do This!

I welcome the opportunity to be YOUR
Mentor to $10k a month.

You don’t have to be an Internet Genius
to be success with EN. I will take you by
the hand and show you everything I did to
get these results with Empower Network.

When you join me…

** You’ll get access to my data base with
thousands of free articles you can swipe
and use for content on your Empower Network blog.

** You will also get access to 8 Lead Capture
Pages. These are the exact ones I’m using to
get the results I’ve shown you.

** You’ll get the exact ad copy that I use.

** I’ll show you how and where to place your ads.

** You will get access to the followup messages
I use in my autoresponder system.

Steal my messages and use them in your own
autoresponder system. If you don’t know what
an autoresponder system is or how to set one up…

Don’t worry… because I’ve got that covered
for you too.

** You’ll get access to our team training site
with previous recorded training webinars.

** Also… I hold live webinars every week where
you will get access to me live once a week for
continued training and it’s also a place where
you can come to get your questions answered.

** You can even have your marketing Done For You
with access to our Team Co-ops –

** For those who are serious – you’ll get Special
1 on 1 Consulting with me so I can take you where
you are right now …. and help you get to the level
you want to be.

***If you want to be a part of my Elite Team
You will get access to my Private Specialized
Training that I’m starting next Month… With
continued Individual access to me personally.

(This is Reserved for only the next 10 people
who join all the levels)

So… here’s how you can work with me…

There are several levels where you can get started.

The Blogging Platform is our core product
and 1st entry level into the business.

When you Get started today for just $25 today –
you’ll get….

Your very own Empower Network blog setup INSTANTLY

• This is The Empower Network Core Blogging
System… along with Website Hosting, Design, Theme
and Plugins. There is nothing for you to setup.

You just join and start blogging and adding content
to your very own website.

• You will also get access to our High
Converting Lead Capture Pages

• and … to help you get started on the right
foot – You will also get our Fast Start Video Training.

Plus, when you become an affiliate for $19.95 a month,
you’ll get ‘re-sell’ rights to offer this product to others
so you can earn 100% commissions.

Our next level product is the Inner Circle Membership.

This the product that has made me the MOST money….
and my customers are very happy to keep paying for
this product every month…

Because for $100 a month… you’ll get access to
interviews with some of the most successful marketers
in our Industry.

Implementing just one of their simple strategies can
literally make you thousands of dollars.

Now …The next 3 levels of products are educational
modules that build on each other … and continue to
present additional business and marketing strategies
so you can take your business to whatever level you choose…

Whether its an extra $1K, $10k, or even $100k a month…
it’s all possible with your Empower Network business.

And to sweeten the pot… when you join me today I’m
going to throw in these extra bonuses…

Join at both the $25 & $100 levels…

I will have my assistant setup your autoresponder
followup messages in your Aweber account ( $49 Value)

Plus I will also enter you in the next Ad Coop ($105 Value)

Join at the $25 & $100 & $500 levels ($625)…

In addition to the bonuses above, I will also pay for
your ticket to the next live Empower Network event in
Austin, Texas on Jan.18 to 20th. ($127 Value)

Join at the $25 – $100 – $500 & $1,000 ($1,625 levels…

In addition to the bonuses above, you will also get
(2) 1 hour personal strategy sessions with me so I can help
you get to the next level in your business.

When you join at all 5 levels ($5125):


You will get to participate in my Special Private Group
Training next month.

This will be an intensive 4 week session for my Elite Team
only (those who have purchased ALL the EN products)…

This is where I open my computer and show you my
marketing plans and test results, and show you exactly
how and where I market online.

I’ll show you how to create your own high converting
Lead Capture Pages and how to drive traffic to your
website like a pro.

These are the same strategies I use to continue to
place in the top 1% of online marketers.

My all time income with EN currently ranks in the top
20 out of over 60,000 affiliates, so I am very confident
when I say that what I have to show you is what is
working online NOW.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my
online education that took me years to learn…

Now you can get the most critical information for your
online success at only a fraction of the cost and the
time that it took me.

But you need to lock in your position now…

Because there are only a limited the number of
members that I can allow in my next class.

These bonuses are available until Oct. 31st….

So just lock in your space right now.

Click the JOIN link to get started now. And I’ll see
you on the other side.

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I’ll see you on the other side!

Carol Douthitt


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