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by Carol Douthitt on March 31, 2013

Do you remember the movie The Blue’s Brothers, where Jake & Elwood were going to Chicago to Get Money to help the sisters keep their school open?

I loved that movie!  Especially the Music!!!

Pay attention to this because … just like Jake and Elwood, the founders of Empower Network – David Wood & David Sharpe – are coming to Chicago with The Empower Network 2013Get Money in Chicago Event. 

Get Money in Chicago with Empower Network And just like The Blues Brothers, they’re on a Mission from God to help our members Get More Money!

I think the name of this event says it all, right?

It’s happening April 19-21… and it will be here before you know it.  What more is there to say besides …

We want you to join us!

I’m definitely going to be there …and would love to meet you in person!

In fact, I’m scheduling a private get-together with my entire group – and would love for you to join us. (Dinner is on me!;-)

We can grab a drink, bite to eat, talk money – you name it, but it can’t happen unless you attend this exciting event.

Empower Network holds these events around the USA every 90 days – and to say they are “Life Changing” is an understatement.

We’ve seen some members go from bankruptcy to over $200,000 in just 9 months after attending one of our events.

If you haven’t already joined us yet in Empower Network, what are you waiting for?

Click here to Join NOW!

Get Money In Chicago with Empower NetworkNow assuming you ALREADY joined us for just $25, here’s HOW to secure your ticket to Chicago (or tickets if you want to bring a spouse, friend or business partner).

Log-in to your Empower Network back-office here:


Then click the “MY BUSINESS” tab…

Then click the green button over to the right that says; “Are You Ready to GET MONEY?”…

And then scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the “Purchase Now” button…

…And secure your ticket(s) before they are sold out.

Now; if you’ve never been to an Empower Network event before, here’s a few facts:

This event will be over the top!

You’ll be moved in ways that will inspire you to be great.

We’ll embrace you in ways no company or group of teammates has ever done before – anywhere – ever.

There will be raw emotion from every speaker, trainer and attendee.  You will be challenged to do more – be more – and push harder in every area of your life.

Our goal is to help you build a business AND have a life – so ‘in the end’ – you can say you lived without regrets.

You’ll see the fire in our eyes and the passion in our hearts – and we’ll see yours.
FYI: This event is exclusive for Empower Network members only so if you are not yet a basic member…

…you can Join Here for just $25!

This is “THE” event of the year – and our 100% guarantee to you is….

This will be an experience you’ll talk about for years to come, and you will NEVER forget what you experience behind those closed doors April 19-21, 2013 in Chicago, IL.

And we won’t go into detail about what you’ll discover in that room in Chicago, IL the weekend of April 19-21…

… Because this is a closed door NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) event.

Which means… Everyone who attends will be required to sign a NDA document that will bind them to secrecy!

We’ll be revealing, live, our most powerful strategies and training we’ve never released before to the public.

(and we don’t want this training released, which is why this is an NDA event).

We’ll share insights, stories, tactics and personal experience you can only get one way – by being there in person.

You WILL be in awe of what you hear and see.

You have instant clarity about exactly what you need to do the rest of 2013 to build the business you want and deserve… 

Whether you’re brand new…or a seasoned vet.

Live: “GET MONEY 2013” is just one of those experiences that you can’t buy!

Which is why we’re not even trying to sell it to you.  Why would we? We can’t “sell it” – it’s priceless!

So we’ve decided to practically give it away with only one goal in mind.

Eliminate every barrier that stands in the way of you getting to Chicago for the most invigorating experience you’ll have this year (and possibly ever).

We’ve reserved you a seat!
It already has your name on it – and this is a seat you’ve rightfully earned.  You just have to claim it – and the only catch is…

You have to claim it before someone else does!

When we opened up the flood gates for members to book a hotel room… We sold out the entire block within an hour.

We had to call and have them open up another block to make sure you could get in.

And we did. But the same rush of fanatical chaos will ensue the second we open up tickets for sale.

So that only means one thing… To get a steep discount and snatch up your seat in Chicago…
Act right now – this minute!

Our very first event was just a short 17 months ago, when we stood in front of 30 people in a small hotel suite and laid out a simple plan for them to follow….

Those 30 people turned into 10,000 in less than 60 days.

The same will happen again.

Except this time, we are 100,000 strong and will turn into 1,000,000!  And trust us, you want to be “ahead of that curve” (without a doubt).

There’s no question –

This is an experience you can’t put a price tag on – it’s one you can only get from deciding to be there with us… Together, in person – in Chicago.

Will I see you there?

Let’s do this….

Meet me in Chicago! Let’s lock arms and – Let’s Get Money!

To Your Success,

Carol Douthitt

Founder of The Abundance Group




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