Personalized One-On-One Coaching

Are You Still Banging Your Head Against the Wall Trying to Figure Out How All This Confusing Internet Marketing Works? 


Don't think you have to figure it out all by yourself!

The one sure fire way to help you get from Point A to Point B when it comes to understanding Online Marketing is to have someone take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need… and how to do it. 

You need a Mentor.  Someone who has been there and done it … and can show you what you need to do to get results with your online marketing.

Many mentors and coaches offer group coaching and while that may be great for some markets, I have found that when people need help with online marketing strategies they often need guidance that is specific to them…. and they want it now!

The problem with group coaching for online marketing is that most students are at different levels of experience and it is very difficult to design the lessons so that everyone understands and gets the maximum benefit.

While it can be frustrating to not understand the concepts or even the verbiage of the instructor, it’s equally frustrating when you already know what’s being taught and are anxious to learn the next level… the thing you want to know the most!

With One-On-One coaching, I can help you understand and develop your online marketing skills from the level YOU are at.  In other words, we can focus your learning time on exactly what you need to know right now.

With my customized coaching calls you'll get personalized, one-on-one coaching to answer questions about marketing your business online.

We can discuss how to set up your funnel, how to grow your list and how to communicate with them!  This is how the cash doors open fast – generating your own leads and giving them exactly what they want.

We'll work step by step on creating your own lead capture page, setting up your autoresponder system and adding follow up messages that keep your prospects engaged. Once you have the right foundation in place, we’ll go through the top lead generating strategies to build your list quickly.

We can work on anything you feel you need help in the areas of marketing online.

Things like …

>>>Registering your domain name, buying hosting, and creating redirect links in your Cpanel or in GoDaddy

>>>Creating Your Lead Capture Page – Do you need new one?  Does your current one need tweaking?

>>>Website & Blogs – Need help with initial setup? Need to know how to make posts and pages?  Need to create an optin offer or put an optin form on your site? 

>>>Automating your business – Autoresponder Systems – Setup, Adding Follow Up Messages, how to do a broadcast message, how to manually add a prospect, how to delete a prospect, where to find your current prospect list, adding new campaigns, how to track your ads (we work with WebmarketingMagic, 1ShoppingCart, & Aweber only)

>>>Writing salesletters and outsourcing your tasks

>>>Marketing Strategies – Ideas on how to get traffic. We can help create an ad and offer suggestions to use Solo Ezine Ads, Banner Ads, PayPerClick Ads for both Google and Facebook. Also find keywords and how do test ads before you roll out a campaign –– and how to follow up with your leads.

We can assist with anything that is basic Marketing 101.  In other words, if you are stuck in your business and can’t more forward because you don’t understand a certain strategy or can’t wrap your brain around something we mentioned above, we can help you get passed your roadblocks and start moving you forward.

The coaching will be done using the GoToWebinar platform and will be recorded so you can go back and review your session.

So Bottom line is this…

It's all about YOU and helping you improve YOUR business, addressing YOUR specific issues that are important to you. I'll be your guide. Just tell me where you need help, and that's what we'll work together.

It is a personal, one-on-one question and answer coaching program. You ask the questions. I'll answer them. And by the end of the coaching call, (as long as you implement what you learn)… you will see an improvement to your business.

If you are satisfied with the results, then you can continue to get additional one-on-one coaching by signing-up for additional coaching packages as openings become available.

There are only a limited number of coaching time slots still available!

The following coaching packages are available.  Simply purchase the package that best suits your needs.  After payment is received, I will follow up with you to schedule your one-on-one coaching appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

30 Minute Coaching Session – $197

1 Hour Coaching Session – $350

2 Hour Coaching Session – $597


I welcome the opportunity to serve you!


Prefer to order by phone?
Call (219) 764-0613
between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST,
Monday through Friday.

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