Abundance Continues…

by Carol Douthitt on August 31, 2012

Just like there is no scarcity of water in the ocean…

There is no scarcity of Success & Abundance.

Think about that for a moment…

If you take a bucket of water from the ocean, does the ocean become smaller?

Of course not… it’s still an ocean and doesn’t miss what you just took out.

Abundance is the same …

You cannot even begin to realize how much Abundance is all around us.

Just because someone becomes wealthy and starts to make a lot of money… doesn’t mean there is less money available for everyone else.

There are many members in Empower Network who are having more success and making more money than I am…

In fact, one of our top affiliates is making over $300,000 a month right now!

And I LOVE to hear their stories.

Because I know if they can do it… so can I.

Frankly – the simple fact that others are successful in a particular business is proof
that success IS possible in that business.

That’s why I’ve been telling you about the stories of ordinary people who are achieving extraordinary results in their business.

… To show you proof that Success & Abundance is possible with the Empower Network business.

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Allow me stand in your shoes for a moment and give you some words of encouragement…

The Stream of Abundance flows generously, and it is right… and it is time for you to
receive your fair share.

Learning how to have a successful online business is not difficult…. And it does not
take much time.

If you have a strong desire to live a more Abundant life… then you are already well
along the way.

The only other things required for your success online are …

Marketing & Mindset.

…And both of them can easily be learned and mastered…

… When you join us and become a member of the Empower Network.

This business will help you shift from worry about money …to a life of eagerness and fun.

And once this shift occurs, financial abundance will be the evidence of that shift.

With each dollar you earn – your belief in yourself will grow stronger.

The fastest way to get to an improved financial condition is to look for pleasing things that you already have.

According to author Wallace Wattles…

“Gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the universe.”

Because in the seeking and finding of that which is already working … more success will follow…and it will come quickly.

With each new marketing strategy you learn …

Your skills will improve until there is an obvious tipping point.

It is my absolute promise to you, that if you follow the steps laid out in our Getting
Started Core Strategy Videos…

The result will be More Abundance in Your Life.

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My Cash Secret

I look forward to hearing YOUR story.

Carol Douthitt

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